Wealth Corner Feng Shui

On the bagua map, the section representing wealth is in the left back corner of the home from the front door. Naturally then this is a good place to enhance for wealth.

Some Feng Shui Wealth Corner Enhancements
Your wealth corner doesn't need painted in 24 carat gold, but if additional wealth is something you desire (and in feng shui wisdom, wealth can mean abundance in any area of life, not just monetary), then paying close attention to your wealth corner is advisable.

Feng shui wealth corner - atm machine
First: Fix it
Once you've identified the wealth corner of a room, take a good look at it. Is the paint peeling? Carpet worn? Is it cluttered? Is it well lit? Anything that sticks out as a negative should be dealt with immediately.

Second: Adorn it
Your wealth corner give off a feeling of prosperity to you (the only one who matters). If that gilded lamp says "Tiffany Millionaire" on it but you think it looks cheap and tawdry, DO NOT include it in your home anywhere. Wealth corner feng shui wisdom is: if it doesn't scream prosperity to you, it doesn't belong in your wealth corner.

Adornments might include a citrine gem tree, an amethyst, a beautiful lamp, an expensive piece of art (that you love), a water fountain (flowing toward the house, not away), a beautiful tapestry, etc. wealth ship, and many other ways.

Third: Light it Up!
Keeping a light on in your wealth corner energizes that area. You may choose to keep a tea candle burning or a small, low-wattage lamp. It should be on for several hours per day, but if energy consumption or safety is an issue, use your best judgement. Remember: it has to feel right to you!

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