Feng Shui Sex

(Yes, we're really going to talk about THAT!)

Privacy, please!

In most people’s lives, having a significant other is very important. The most potent and powerful way to express that love is with a romantic, sexual connection. In order to enjoy this expression most fully, feng shui offers several ways to set your room up to encourage sensuality and the feng shui sex you deserve and want.

To relax in the moment, create an environment that is free from distracting elements. If the head of your bed is under a window, this can create a sense of insecurity. Try to position your bed against a solid wall. If your head is near a toilet or a television, even on the other side of a wall, try to move your bed -- at least three feet away if possible. If this is not possible, install an easily accessible wall switch for your TV that powers it off (no little red light shining!), and for your toilet, place a Himalayan Salt lamp on it to lift the energy.

If you live in or near a noisy environment, find ways to sound-proof your walls. A local hardware store will have cork board or other materials that can be used. You can also get "white noise" devices that create the sound of the ocean, a river, or rain.

Beauty is in the eye ...It is best not to have a direct view of a toilet nor of a large mirror. Both can be distracting. Find screens to help block these, or cover the mirror with fabric.

Ambiance for all the sensesKeep your clothing picked up and put away. A messy room can be distracting, and can drag your energy down and away. Use soft reds like salmon, pinks, or even green to accent and paint your walls. Use incense and essential oils to create a nice smell in the room. Use dim lights and mood music to set the tone.

Feng shui sex says: Keep it funThe above are suggestions, but the worst thing to do is stress out over the details. This time is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a task to complete. But if you find this part of your life needing a little boost, consider trying some of the suggestions, with a light heart and sense of fun and adventure.

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