Feng Shui Numbers

Feng shui numbers

For thousands of years feng shui has used numbers to create energy behind "cures" (fixes for various problems in one's life). Different schools of Feng Shui have their own slant on the meaning of numbers.

Feng shui is concerned primarily with single digits, numbers 1-9. Even when double digits are discussed, it is because they either add up to interesting feng shui numbers (e.g. 9) or they are combinations of auspicious numbers (in the case of 27 it is 3 x 9; 3 and 9 are very powerful numbers in feng shui).

Number Meanings

The most common meaning numbers are as follows:

One: Independence

Two: Promotes relationship

Three: Creation, father and mother yield a child

Four: Stability of foundation, yet for some since it sounds like “death” in certain Chinese dialects, it can mean misfortune to some

Five: Change

Six: Esthetics and Beauty

Seven: Mystical, the number used in “Yin Feng Shui” or the preparation of the burial site. In Chinese culture, it is believed that proper practices of “Yin Feng Shui” will influence 7 generations later.

Eight: Wealth and Abundance

Nine: Completion and Manifestation

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