Feng Shui Map (the Bagua Chart)

Feng shui map

In addition to using the feng shui chart for your whole house, you can also use a feng shui map on any room of your home. For instance, although your office may be in the wealth corner of your house, it too has its own wealth & prosperity, success, relationship areas, all of the areas of the original bagua chart, just in smaller form!

Use your chart on each room the same way you use it on your home. Using the front door of your home, position the chart the same way (don't switch it up based on the front door of your office, for instance). From there you can determine which section of your room corresponds to which area.

Why is it important to know these areas? Because there are feng shui rules that correspond to each of the areas. For instance, you don't want to put a knife on display in your career area: you could be stabbed in the back (figuratively speaking) by a co-worker.

Once you have identified the key areas of your home and rooms, you can then go about enhancing those you would like to be more ausipicous (we feng shui practitioners like this word better than "lucky").

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