How to Use Your Kua Number

creating  a feng shui space

Knowing your lucky directions, you can use this information to select your home location, the bedroom you sleep in, which direction your head faces when you sleep, the direction you should face when you sit at your desk at the office, and the direction you should face when attending an important business meeting.

Your Kua Number Has a Corresponding Lucky Element

In 8 Mansions Feng Shui, your kua number is considered to be your lucky number. You also have lucky elements as listed below:

Kua 1: Water
Kua 2:Earth
Kua 3:Wood
Kua 4:Wood
Kua 5:Earth
Kua 6:Metal
Kua 7:Metal
Kua 8:Earth
Kua 9:Fire

There is a great deal more to the 8 Mansions feng shui practice, but this will give you a basis for understanding should you decide to learn more.

Learn how to determine your kua number