Feng Shui Kids: Furniture Placement in Bedrooms

Bed Placement

Children are very intuitive and they will wiggle around in their bed until their body finds an alignment which feels safe and comfortable to their body even if it means they end up horizontally positioned across their bed!

It is important to have the child’s bed the farthest away from the front door where it is easy to see anyone entering, preferably not under any windows and with their headboard back against a solid wall.

If a child’s bed is lined up kitty-corner, there should be no emptiness behind the bed. It can produce a feeling of insecurity and loss of restful sleep. A bed with a headboard works well and placing a light behind can help. It is also not good to have a child’s bed facing the door and their feet in direct line as you walk in.

Desk Placement

When considering the appropriate desk placement for your child's desk, follow the same instructions as you would for and adult. Face in a direction where your child can see the door easily and have a wall behind his or her back for support. Having a wall at their back creates what the Chinese call "mountain energy" for strong support, a great feng shui kids attribute. This will alleviate any feelings of lack of support in their education, by their parents and teachers.

Feng Shui for Your Kid's Desk
Other negatives to sitting with their back exposed is that it may lead them to be gossiped about or bullied by others, because they can’t see what’s happening. It can also bring a feeling of being out of control because they can’t see what’s coming.

Do not have them face a wall. If they sit with their desk facing a wall it will limit their brilliance. Feng shui children are always brilliant!

If your child must face a wall...If there are few options for moving the desk and your child must face a wall, place a mirror in position where the door can be easily seen. It is also very important to place an image they really like in front of them to inspire them, even if it is a cartoon.

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