Rrribbit! The Feng Shui Frog

Frogs have been an ancient symbol of magic, heralds of abundance and fertility throughout time, weaving through many cultures from Egypt to China. They are also known for their connection to water which is also linked to lunar energies (the moon moves the tides of water) and the Goddess’s associated with the moon.The Feng Shui frog in China is called ”Chan Chu” which is also known as the three-legged toad. The Chinese believe this frog (toad) is a symbol of your cash flow, so of course the bigger the frog the bigger the flow of money. In Feng Shui the belief is the money frog is singing out to the universe “My money wishes and dreams have come true”.

How big should your feng shui frog be?

First consider the size when choosing a feng shui frog for your home or office space. For an average size home or office select a frog about three inches high and three inches wide.

Where should you put your frog?

One of the most auspicious placements for a money frog is inside and across from the front door on a diagonal. This allows the frog to view directly the front door. It is important for the frog to have the coin in its mouth with the good luck symbol facing up. I like to glue the coin in so it does not fall out or get lost. The coin should also be facing the front door; it is as if the frog is saying, "I will catch all your money here ... bring it on!"

feng shui money frog
How many frogs?

You may wish to place money frogs in your living room area or in a space where you conduct business. The important thing is that where ever you put your money frogs they should be out of sight, i.e. behind books on a book shelf. They should not be on the ground, up too high, or above the height of the pockets of people coming into your home or office. No one should enter feeling as though you want their money. You can use as many as nine money frogs (the number of completion), but if you do they should be smaller frogs.

feng shui frog
Gold is considered one of the symbols of wealth so for greater luck and energy, place at least one money frog on a bowl full of golden coins. While the frog is busy catching coins you get to keep the money!!!!

When using the money frog cures it is important to check in and see if this does indeed create a feeling of wealth for you and that you have a personal connection to the money frog. Before I studied in China I intellectually "got" what the money frog meant but I felt the cures did not work as well because I just didn’t have a sincere connection. After I completed my Feng Shui master immersion program, I experienced an osmosis where the ancient beliefs and meanings went deep into my cell memory and now I find I vibrate more with the magic of the money frog.

I have also found in Feng Shui that some cures work their magic for a while and then reach completion and it is time for something new. However it will cycle through at another point in time and will create the same positive flow.

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