Feng Shui Door Colors

door color choices

Yes, the rumor you heard is true: traditionally, doors in China are painted red, Chinese red usually! The door way is referred to as the mouth of chi. As with color in your lips, a red door signals a healthy home.

Red is an auspicious color for a door. Although you don't have to go with Chinese red, having a red door can bring good fortune to the occupants. For many western homes,of course, no matter what the shade of red, it doesn’t match the design or taste of the home owners. A more versatile alternative is black; it is also a good color choice from a feng shui perspective. If your front door is in your helpful people area, then gray, white or black are auspicious colors here.

Consult a bagua map to see what area your front door lines up with (often it's career, helpful people or self-knowledge) and the colors recommended for that area. Here's a link:

Bagua map to determine appropriate feng shui door colors

If none of the recommended feng shui door colors are possible for you, please don't worry about it. It's far more important that the door works correctly, than that it be a specific color.

(But if you are able to do so, you just might want to consider that red door!)