Feng shui Chinese coins, and their wealth implications

China was the originator of paper money and a large user of coins. Chinese coins have heads and tails, and have a square cut out in the middle. The round shape represents heaven and the square in the middle represents earth, thus each coin represents the unity between heaven and earth. Because of their history and significance, many followers of feng shui believe that feng shui Chinese coins are superior to other forms of money for enhancing wealth.

A feng shui Chinese coin
Over the years, this symbol has become strongly associated with wealth creation, particularly creating cash inflow. The number three holds the significance of creation. The most practical example is father and mother create a third, the child.

Configurations of Three feng shui Chinese coins (I-ching coins) with red string (to energize it) have been placed in the prosperity section of homes to help create more abundance of cash.

feng shui chinese coins on string
Red, being a fire element, enhances the metal element of the coin. See feng shui elements for more on the elements. If you decide to use the three coins together, generally I Ching coins, it is good to know how to tie them.

How to tie Chinese coins in 3s

Cut a string of red ribbon or yarn. It should be any multiple of 3 inches (or centimegers long). Weave the ribbon through the three coins making certain that the four characters on the coins are all on the same side.

Intention is what is important here. Think of your financial goals, feel the coin's strength and the string's energy, and even speak out loud your intentions.

You can hang the coins from the string or attach them to a bulletin board in your wealth corner, or put multiples of them in a beatufiul container that makes them look overflowing and abundant.

You may also decide to put your feng shui Chinese coins in a wealth ship.